WordPress Recovery

WordPress Recovery

At some point of time, my dev notes for EnlivenVR suddenly stopped working, and I was devastated. However, today I was curious and try to revive it. I know the database is still there, and I can access the old site using FTP, so I try to remake the site, and somehow it works! Before […]

SteamVR Knuckle Bow Interaction Setup

Today, I’m trying to slowly update old VR projects to use Unity XR system and SteamVR. In the past, they were not compatible, so I was stuck on Unity 2019.1.14f for a while. Last year, through a game jam, I learned there was a workaround for it, but I could not figure out how to […]

Character Drawing Process

Overall figure drawing process: Get reference picture(s) of the character we want to draw. Do a warm-up drawing – 30 secs to 1 minute gesture drawing of various poses, about 10 or so of them. Don’t worry about capturing too much details, but do focus on capturing the motion and intent as quickly as possible. […]

3ds Max – Remove Material

3ds Max – Remove Material

This is one of those things that is so easy to do, but I keep forgetting to do. After applying a material, and we want to remove it from the geometry, do these steps: Select the geometry Go to Utilities menu (hammer icon, most right tab) Click on More Select UVW Remove Under Parameter sub-menu, […]

SteamVR Swing Door Interaction

swing door

After sliding door, we have swinging door interaction this time. I started by watching this youtube tutorial: I got the handle portion to work, but the door panel portion was being wonky. So I simplify my model hierarchy. I made sure holding the handle can open the door panel instead, and worry about modeling the […]

SteamVR Teleport

It has been a while since I actually set up teleport system in VR. I was thinking a few months, but it’s probably has been more than a couple years. The last time I implement it was when testing Undead Darling’s high school level. Gosh, that’d be over 3 years now. Today I start revisiting […]